The oldest of nine kids, Daniel lived in central Illinois most of his childhood. As a high school senior at Springfield Southeast High School he watched the world trade center fall and saw this as a chance to serve his country. Soon after graduation he left for Marine boot camp and spent the next 5 years as an active duty Marine. His time in the Marine Corps was spent as a powerline mechanic and collateral duty inspector in the C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft. During this time Daniel visited dozens of countries and participated in hundreds of operations in service to his country.

After completing his tour of duty Daniel returned home with his wife Colleen and worked day positions in management and maintenance all while using his GI Bill to further his education and complete his business degree from the University of Illinois Springfield. Over the next 5 years Daniel started as an operations manager with the State of Illinois and furthered his education by graduating with a Masters Degree in Public Administration.

As a returning veteran I always wanted a way to give back to my community and over the last decade my kids and my faith have encouraged a long line of volunteering in many roles as a youth coach, non-profit volunteer, and pastoral volunteer. Being active in the county I love has been a reward unto itself and I see the role as Sangamon County Treasurer as another step in this progression. As a fiscally responsible manager who has both training and work experience in public policy and budget analysis I believe I can bring a new face and energy to an office that needs to embrace the technology and customer service requirements that are changing everyday.


The role of treasurer mostly focuses on the collection of taxes, mostly property, and the payment of county bills with the overage in collections being invested into the many state and municipal funds that can be used based on statutory requirements. This means that with the statutory requirements that are focused around investment most of the changes to the office I would like to focus on are ethical and efficiency changes. 

  • We will make every effort to improve efficiencies for the office. Changes such as fully paperless and automation of processes will take priority. COVID has highlighted that future customer interactions will need to be able to convert from remote to in person with ease. 
  • We will make every effort to expand hours and man phones completely during those hours. Expanding hours during busy times leading up to tax due dates allows us to be more responsive to our customers (taxpayers) as well as empowers the office to act as a more responsible fiduciary. Currently the office rarely expands hours and has resisted calls even from city leadership to expand hours and allow for customers to talk to tax professionals and avoid penalties. 
  • Investigate and ensure the ethical and responsible investment of taxpayer funds in accordance with our statutory requirements. 
  • Work with our union leadership to create initiatives to ensure the staff of the office are being trained in new technology and guaranteeing their ethical treatment. An initiative to ensure that we are fostering a “Spirit of Service”. Initiatives such as paid community service days for the employees and time to interact with community organizations would help to allow the employee’s of the office to work with the people of the county and ensure they understand the services and how they can be utilized. 
  • Initiate a remote office initiative to visit more rural communities. Quarterly visits to towns such as Auburn, Chatham, and New Berlin would allow all citizens of the county to ask questions of the staff and make payments without the hassle of commuting to the county building. It would also allow the support personnel of the office to see the constituency they serve and have a better understanding of the places they serve.