1: Introducing the Google Pixel, iPhone 7, and Galaxy S7 - Three top contenders in the flagship phone market.

2: Google Pixel - Known for its pure Android experience and top-tier camera quality.

3: iPhone 7 - Apple's iconic design, reliable performance, and seamless integration with iOS.

4: Galaxy S7 - Samsung's sleek design, vibrant display, and expandable storage options.

5: Camera Comparison - Google Pixel excels in low-light photography, while iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 offer versatility.

6: Performance and Software - iPhone 7 boasts smooth performance, Pixel features Google Assistant, and Galaxy S7 has customizable features.

7: Display and Design - iPhone 7's Retina display, Pixel's AMOLED screen, and Galaxy S7's Super AMOLED display.

8: Battery Life and Charging - iPhone 7, Pixel, and Galaxy S7 offer different battery capacities and charging technologies.

9: Conclusion - Determining the best flagship phone depends on individual preferences and priorities.