1: Discover the key differences between the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 3.

2: Camera upgrades on the Pixel 3 provide sharper images and improved low-light performance.

3: The Pixel 3 features a larger and higher-resolution display compared to the Pixel 2.

4: Improved performance on the Pixel 3 with the latest Snapdragon processor.

5: Enhanced AI features on the Pixel 3 for smarter and more intuitive user experience.

6: Pixel 3 offers wireless charging, a feature that the Pixel 2 lacks.

7: Pixel 3 introduces dual front-facing cameras for better selfies and video calls.

8: Improved water and dust resistance on the Pixel 3 for added durability.

9: Overall, the Pixel 3 offers incremental upgrades over the Pixel 2 for a more refined user experience.