1: After his acquittal, OJ Simpson's life took a tumultuous turn. He faced legal troubles, financial struggles, and public scrutiny.

2: Despite his acquittal, OJ's reputation never fully recovered. He faced backlash and criticism from the public and media alike.

3: In his final years, OJ kept a low profile. He lived a quiet life in Las Vegas, away from the spotlight of his past.

4: OJ's health deteriorated in his later years. He battled various illnesses and faced physical limitations.

5: Despite his past, OJ maintained his innocence in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman until his death.

6: OJ's relationships with his children remained strained. He struggled to maintain close connections with his family.

7: In 2017, OJ was released from prison after serving time for a separate crime. He lived out his remaining years in relative seclusion.

8: OJ's death in 2021 marked the end of a controversial and tumultuous chapter in American history.

9: OJ Simpson's life after his acquittal was marked by legal battles, personal struggles, and a legacy tarnished by his past actions.