1: "The Google Pixel 6a offers a more compact design compared to the Pixel 6."

2: "Pixel 6a features a slightly smaller display size than the Pixel 6."

3: "Pixel 6a comes with a lower starting price point than the Pixel 6 model."

4: "The Pixel 6a may have slightly lower camera capabilities compared to the Pixel 6."

5: "Pixel 6a offers similar performance to the Pixel 6 with a more affordable price."

6: "Differences in battery life between the Pixel 6a and Pixel 6 models."

7: "Pixel 6a may have less storage capacity options than the Pixel 6."

8: "Distinguishing features of the Pixel 6a's design compared to the Pixel 6."

9: "Overall, the Google Pixel 6a provides a budget-friendly alternative to the Pixel 6."