1: With Manhattan leading the pack, these cities are home to the highest concentration of millionaires.

2: Monaco, a tax haven for the ultra-rich, boasts the most millionaires per capita in the world.

3: London's financial prowess attracts millionaires from around the globe, making it a top city for wealth.

4: Singapore's booming economy and low taxes have resulted in a high number of millionaires calling it home.

5: Tokyo's status as a global financial hub has led to a significant number of millionaires in the city.

6: Hong Kong's proximity to mainland China and strong financial sector make it a hotspot for millionaires.

7: Paris's luxurious lifestyle and status as a fashion and cultural capital draw in many millionaires.

8: Geneva's reputation as a tax-friendly city has made it a magnet for wealthy individuals and millionaires.

9: Shanghai's rapid economic growth and expanding financial sector have attracted a growing number of millionaires.