1: 1. Look for ripe mangoes with a fragrant aroma. Avoid any signs of spoilage or mushiness.

2: 2. Choose bananas that are firm and bright yellow in color. Avoid any blemishes or bruises.

3: 3. Check for mangoes with a slight give when gently pressed. Avoid ones that are too hard or too soft.

4: 4. Inspect bananas for uniform color and no green patches. Avoid overripe or green bananas.

5: 5. Smell the stem end of the mango for a sweet aroma. Avoid any sour or fermented smell.

6: 6. Consider the size and weight of the mango. Choose ones that feel heavy for their size.

7: 7. Look for bananas without any signs of mold or discoloration. Avoid any sticky residue on the skin.

8: 8. Ask the vendor about the variety of mangoes or bananas available for the best flavor.

9: 9. Enjoy your perfectly ripe mangoes and bananas by storing them in a cool, dry place.