1: Exciting news for PUBG players! Samsung Galaxy smartphones will now support 120 FPS for smoother gameplay.

2: Experience next-level gaming on Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra with enhanced PUBG performance.

3: Get ready for intense battles on-the-go with the high refresh rate on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra.

4: Enjoy unparalleled graphics and ultra-fast response times on PUBG with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

5: Optimized for gaming, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ now offer 120 FPS support for PUBG fans.

6: Immerse yourself in the action with the enhanced visual quality on Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ while playing PUBG.

7: Take your gaming experience to new heights with 120 FPS support on Samsung Galaxy A71 and A71 5G.

8: Experience seamless gameplay with improved frame rates on Samsung Galaxy A51 and A51 5G when playing PUBG.

9: Upgrade your gaming experience with Samsung Galaxy A31 and A41 now supporting 120 FPS for PUBG enthusiasts.