1: Pricey mansions precariously perched on California clifftop face heightened risk after landslide.

2: Landslide threat looms over luxury homes on California cliff, raising concerns among residents.

3: Homeowners on edge as mansions on California clifftop inch closer to danger after landslide.

4: Residents fear for safety as million-dollar mansions near edge on California cliff post-landslide.

5: Risky real estate: California clifftop mansions at increased danger following recent landslide.

6: California cliff dwellers nervously watch as expensive homes inch towards edge after landslide.

7: Mansions on the brink: California clifftop properties teeter closer to edge after landslide scare.

8: Luxury homes at risk as California clifftop mansions edge closer to danger zone post-landslide.

9: Concerns rise as pricey mansions on California clifftop teeter on edge after recent landslide.