1: Introduction - Explore the nations with the most gold medals at International Math Olympiads.

2: United States - The US has clinched numerous golds at Math Olympiads, showcasing its exceptional talent.

3: China - China's math geniuses consistently bring home gold medals from the International Math Olympiads.

4: Russia - Russia's impressive track record at Math Olympiads cements its reputation as a math powerhouse.

5: South Korea - South Korea's dedication to mathematical excellence is evident in its gold medal wins.

6: Hungary - Hungary's mathletes excel at the International Math Olympiads, earning countless gold medals.

7: Romania - Romania's math prodigies have secured a significant number of golds at Math Olympiads.

8: Vietnam - Vietnam's exceptional math talent has led to numerous gold medal victories at international competitions.

9: Conclusion - These nations dominate the International Math Olympiads, showcasing their prowess in mathematics.