1: "Adria Biles pens heartfelt note to sister Simone on her birthday, celebrating their unbreakable bond."

2: "Growing up together, Adria and Simone have always been each other's built-in best friends."

3: "Adria admires Simone for her strength and resilience, both on and off the gymnastics floor."

4: "On Simone's special day, Adria expresses pride in her sister's incredible achievements and character."

5: "Adria's touching words reflect the deep love and support she has for Simone throughout their lives."

6: "Simone and Adria's sisterly bond is a source of inspiration for many, showing the power of family."

7: "Adria's birthday message to Simone highlights the unwavering loyalty and connection between siblings."

8: "Through ups and downs, Adria and Simone remain close, proving that sisters truly are best friends forever."

9: "As Simone celebrates another year, Adria's heartfelt note serves as a reminder of the importance of sisterhood."