1: Discover the world's most beautiful butterflies, from the colorful monarch to the majestic swallowtail.

2: The stunning Blue Morpho butterfly is known for its iridescent blue wings found in tropical forests.

3: The Black and White Helen butterfly with its elegant markings can be found in Asia and Africa.

4: Travel to Australia to witness the vibrant Ulysses butterfly with its striking electric blue wings.

5: The delicate Glasswing butterfly in Central and South America has translucent wings like fine glass.

6: The Peacock butterfly, with its eye-catching "eyes" on the wings, can be found in Europe.

7: Marvel at the exotic Birdwing butterfly in Southeast Asia, boasting brilliant colors and large wings.

8: The Crimson Rose butterfly, found in India and Southeast Asia, is known for its vivid red wings.

9: Explore the world of butterflies and be captivated by their beauty and diversity.