1: Kieran Culkin criticizes Succession Spinoff as a "horrible idea" but hints at potential for one character to shine as a leading man.

2: Actor Kieran Culkin voices concerns over Succession Spinoff moving forward, questioning the concept's viability.

3: Kieran Culkin doubts the wisdom of a Succession Spinoff, citing potential pitfalls for the beloved series.

4: Kieran Culkin expresses reservations about a Succession Spinoff, fearing the impact on the original show's legacy.

5: Actor Kieran Culkin raises doubts about Succession Spinoff, suggesting it might not live up to expectations.

6: Kieran Culkin gives a resounding "no" to Succession Spinoff, but teases the possibility of one character stepping into a leading role.

7: Actor Kieran Culkin slams Succession Spinoff as a "horrible idea," casting doubt on its potential success.

8: Kieran Culkin speaks out against Succession Spinoff, calling it a misguided move for the hit series.

9: Actor Kieran Culkin weighs in on Succession Spinoff, expressing skepticism while hinting at the chance for one character to shine.