1: John Goodman hinted that Roseanne Barr's character may be dead in The Conners spinoff. Mystery surrounds the fate of the iconic character.

2: Fans speculate on how Roseanne's absence will be addressed in The Conners. John Goodman's remarks have sparked theories about the character's fate.

3: The Conners spinoff will explore the aftermath of Roseanne's departure. John Goodman's cryptic comments have left audiences eager for answers.

4: John Goodman's recent comments hint at a major plot twist in The Conners. Fans anxiously await the show's explanation for Roseanne's absence.

5: Roseanne Barr's character could meet a tragic end in The Conners spinoff. John Goodman's statements suggest a dramatic turn for the iconic character.

6: John Goodman teases fans with hints about Roseanne Barr's character in The Conners. The show's upcoming season promises to address her mysterious absence.

7: Speculation swirls around Roseanne Barr's character in The Conners. John Goodman's clues have sparked curiosity about the fate of the beloved character.

8: The Conners will address the absence of Roseanne Barr's character in a unique way. John Goodman's comments have left viewers wondering about the character's fate.

9: John Goodman's recent remarks about Roseanne Barr's character have raised questions about The Conners. Fans are eager to see how the show addresses her potential departure.