1: Fans of Grey's Anatomy are in for a shock as Jake Borelli prepares to leave the show next season. Will his character Dr. Levi Schmitt get a happy ending?

2: With rumors circulating about veteran series regulars eyeing episode reductions, the future of Grey's Anatomy is uncertain. How will the show change without Dr. Schmitt?

3: Jake Borelli has been an integral part of Grey's Anatomy since joining the cast in 2017. His departure will undoubtedly leave a void in the hearts of fans.

4: As the show moves into its next season, viewers are left wondering how Dr. Schmitt's departure will impact the storyline. Will there be a new love interest for him?

5: Grey's Anatomy has always been known for its dramatic exits, and Jake Borelli's departure is sure to be no exception. What will be the catalyst for his character's exit?

6: With veteran series regulars also considering episode reductions, the future of Grey's Anatomy hangs in the balance. Will the show be able to survive without them?

7: Fans can expect an emotional farewell to Dr. Schmitt as Jake Borelli exits Grey's Anatomy next season. How will his departure affect the rest of the characters?

8: As the show continues to evolve, viewers can expect new storylines and character developments in the wake of Jake Borelli's departure. Will Dr. Schmitt get a happy ending?

9: Grey's Anatomy fans will have to wait and see how the show handles the departure of Jake Borelli and other veteran series regulars. Will the show be able to thrive without them?