1: Start the day with a healthy breakfast. Encourage kids to eat fruits and whole grains for a good morning routine.

2: Get moving with some exercise. A short walk or stretch can boost energy and mood for the day ahead.

3: Set goals for the day. Help kids prioritize tasks and stay organized for a productive morning routine.

4: Practice mindfulness. Encourage deep breathing or meditation to start the day with a calm mind.

5: Make time for play. Engage in creative activities or outdoor games for a fun and active morning routine.

6: Stay hydrated. Drinking water helps kids stay focused and energized throughout the morning.

7: Limit screen time. Encourage reading or puzzles instead of electronics for a healthy morning routine.

8: Encourage positive affirmations. Start the day with a smile and confidence for a good morning routine.

9: Establish a routine. Consistency is key to creating a successful morning routine for growing kids.