1: Is your Galaxy S7 Edge showing pink lines on the screen? Learn how to fix this issue quickly and easily.

2: Check for any physical damage on the screen of your Galaxy S7 Edge that may be causing the pink lines.

3: Restart your Galaxy S7 Edge to see if the pink lines disappear. Sometimes a simple reboot can fix display issues.

4: Update your Galaxy S7 Edge's software to the latest version to potentially resolve the pink lines on the screen.

5: Reset the display settings on your Galaxy S7 Edge to default to see if that eliminates the pink lines issue.

6: Try a factory reset on your Galaxy S7 Edge as a last resort to fix the pink lines on the screen.

7: Contact Samsung customer support if none of the previous steps have worked to address the pink lines problem.

8: Consider seeking professional help from a Samsung service center if the pink lines on your Galaxy S7 Edge persist.

9: Protect your Galaxy S7 Edge screen with a tempered glass screen protector to prevent future display issues, including pink lines.