1: Barack Obama, former President of the United States, overcame prostate cancer with treatment and continues to advocate for cancer awareness.

2: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice, survived pancreatic cancer multiple times, inspiring many with her resilience and courage.

3: Sheryl Crow, Grammy-winning singer, defeated breast cancer and raises awareness through her music and advocacy work.

4: Michael Douglas, award-winning actor, bravely fought oral cancer with treatment and and emerged stronger than ever.

5: Olivia Newton-John, iconic singer and actress, battled breast cancer with grace and uses her platform to support cancer research.

6: Robin Roberts, beloved TV personality, faced breast cancer and myelodysplastic syndrome, proving the power of resilience and positivity.

7: Hugh Jackman, versatile actor, underwent treatment for skin cancer multiple times, urging others to prioritize skin health.

8: Caitlyn Jenner, Olympic gold medalist, courageously tackled skin cancer and advocates for regular screenings and prevention methods.

9: Angela Merkel, former Chancellor of Germany, recovered from skin cancer, highlighting the importance of early detection and treatment.