1: Introduction Is your Galaxy S7 Edge screen displaying pink lines? Learn how to fix this common issue quickly.

2: Check for Updates Make sure your phone is running the latest software updates to resolve the pink line problem.

3: Restart Your Phone A simple restart can sometimes fix display issues on the Galaxy S7 Edge.

4: Adjust Display Settings Try adjusting the display settings on your phone to see if the pink lines disappear.

5: Clear Cache Partition Clearing the cache partition on your device may help eliminate the pink lines on the screen.

6: Check for Water Damage Water damage can sometimes cause display issues. Make sure your phone is not exposed to moisture.

7: Contact Samsung Support If the issue persists, contact Samsung support for further assistance with fixing your Galaxy S7 Edge screen.

8: Consider Repair Options If all else fails, consider taking your phone to a professional repair service to fix the pink lines.

9: Conclusion Don't let pink lines on your Galaxy S7 Edge screen ruin your experience. Follow these steps to resolve the issue and get back to enjoying your device.