1: Introduction to Foreign Policy: Understand the basics of international relations and how countries interact on the global stage.

2: Diplomacy: Learn about the art of negotiating and maintaining relationships between nations through peaceful means.

3: Military Alliances: Explore the strategic partnerships formed between countries to enhance their security and defense capabilities.

4: Soft Power: Discover how nations use cultural influence, international aid, and diplomacy to achieve their foreign policy goals.

5: Foreign Aid: Explore the concept of providing economic assistance to other countries for humanitarian or strategic purposes.

6: UN Security Council: Learn about the international body responsible for maintaining peace and security among nations.

7: Bilateral Relations: Understand the importance of mutual agreements and cooperation between two countries on various issues.

8: Economic Sanctions: Discover how nations use trade restrictions and financial penalties to influence the behavior of other countries.

9: Globalization: Explore how interconnectedness and interdependence among countries shape modern foreign policy strategies.