1: The cost of DIY repairs for the Pixel 8 is significantly higher than for the Pixel 7.

2: Pixel 8 repair parts are pricier compared to Pixel 7 components, making self-repairs costly.

3: DIY repairs for the Pixel 8 can be more complex and expensive than for the Pixel 7 model.

4: Repairing a Pixel 8 yourself can lead to higher expenses than fixing a Pixel 7.

5: The cost of fixing a Pixel 8 through DIY methods is higher than for a Pixel 7.

6: Pixel 8 repair costs are higher than Pixel 7, especially for DIY repairs.

7: DIY repair expenses for the Pixel 8 are more expensive than those for the Pixel 7.

8: The price for DIY repairs on a Pixel 8 can surpass Pixel 7 repair costs.

9: When it comes to DIY repairs, the Pixel 8 is pricier to fix than the Pixel 7.