1: Discover the secret world of animals with hidden ears. Meet the Deaf 6, creatures that rely on other senses to survive.

2: The star-nosed mole uses its unique nose to navigate. Despite its concealed ears, it can sense vibrations and find food.

3: The barn owl hunts silently at night, thanks to its specialized feathers and exceptional hearing. Its hidden ears give it a stealth advantage.

4: The axolotl may lack visible ears, but it has excellent hearing through its lateral line system. These amphibians are skilled at sensing vibrations.

5: With no external ears, the Spanish ibex relies on its keen eyesight and sense of smell. Its hidden ears don't stop it from thriving in the wild.

6: The platypus may be known for its duck-like bill, but its ears are also concealed. These unique mammals rely on electroreception to navigate.

7: The giraffe's long neck may be its most prominent feature, but its ears are well-hidden. These animals rely on acute hearing to detect danger.

8: Despite their hidden ears, camouflaging skills make the ghost mantis expert hunters. They use their senses to locate prey without being detected.

9: Learn about the Deaf 6, animals with hidden ears but heightened senses. Adaptations have allowed these creatures to thrive in their environments.