1: Chrissy Teigen clarifies that she wasn't mocking traditional wives in her satirical video cooking for John Legend.

2: The model and author explained that the video was meant to showcase her love for her husband in a humorous way.

3: Teigen's post received backlash from some who accused her of perpetuating outdated gender roles.

4: Despite the criticism, Teigen stands by her video and insists that it was all in good fun.

5: The celebrity couple is known for their playful banter and sense of humor on social media.

6: Teigen often shares glimpses of her family life, cooking endeavours, and adventures with her followers.

7: The controversy sparked a debate on social media about gender roles and stereotypes in relationships.

8: Teigen's supporters praised her for her transparency and ability to laugh at herself.

9: In conclusion, the video was intended to be lighthearted and playful, and Teigen urges her fans to take it in the spirit it was meant.