1: Introducing Kodak Ektra - A phone that combines the nostalgic look and advanced functions of a Kodak camera.

2: Retro Design - The Ektra phone features a classic leather finish and ergonomic grip, reminiscent of vintage Kodak cameras.

3: Powerful Camera - Capture stunning photos with the 21-megapixel fast-focus camera, complete with image stabilization and manual mode.

4: Advanced Editing - Edit photos like a pro with the Ektra's built-in Snapseed editing software, offering a wide range of creative tools.

5: Enhanced Imaging - Take night shots with ease using the Ektra's advanced low-light imaging capabilities.

6: Creative Filters - Add a touch of nostalgia with Kodak-inspired filters that replicate the look of film photography.

7: Pro Mode - Fine-tune your photography skills with the Ektra's Pro Mode, offering manual controls for shutter speed, ISO, and more.

8: Instant Sharing - Share your Kodak Ektra photos instantly on social media platforms and impress your friends with stunning images.

9: Conclusion - Experience the best of both worlds with the Kodak Ektra phone, combining the style and functionality of a Kodak camera in a smartphone.