1: Title: Introduction to Heatwave-Resistant Flowers Content: Discover 9 stunning flowers that thrive in scorching temperatures without wilting.

2: Title: Hardy Hibiscus Content: Vibrant hibiscus blooms add a tropical touch to your garden even in the hottest conditions.

3: Title: Drought-Tolerant Lavender Content: Fragrant lavender plants are not only heatwave survivors but also attract pollinators to your yard.

4: Title: Sun-Loving Lantana Content: Lantana's bright blooms provide a pop of color in full sun and require minimal water.

5: Title: Heat-Resistant Blanket Flower Content: Gaillardia blooms resemble a colorful blanket and thrive in hot, arid climates.

6: Title: Desert Rose (Adenium) Content: This succulent desert rose blooms beautifully in high temps with minimal water requirements.

7: Title: Resilient Red Yucca Content: Red yucca's spike-like blooms add drama to your landscape and are drought-tolerant.

8: Title: Heatwave Survivor Gazania Content: Gazania's daisy-like flowers come in vibrant hues and love the sun.

9: Title: Indigenous Iris Content: Native iris varieties are hardy and heat-tolerant, perfect for a low-maintenance garden.