1: 1. Bangladesh: Severe air pollution due to industrial emissions and vehicle exhaust. 2. Pakistan: High levels of smog and toxic fumes from factories and cars.

2: 3. India: Contaminated air and water sources causing health issues. 4. Afghanistan: Poor waste management leading to pollution of air and water.

3: 5. Bahrain: Oil refineries emitting harmful gases. 6. Mongolia: Heavy reliance on coal for heating causing air pollution.

4: 7. Kuwait: Oil industry contributing to air contamination. 8. Nepal: Deforestation leading to air and water pollution.

5: 9. United Arab Emirates: Industrial activities polluting the air. 10. Nigeria: Oil spills damaging ecosystems and air quality.

6: 11. Libya: Conflict affecting environmental protection efforts. 12. Iraq: Oil production causing pollution in air and water.

7: 13. Iran: Petroleum industry impacting air quality. 14. Egypt: Urbanization and waste disposal leading to pollution.

8: 15. Indonesia: Deforestation and industrial pollution affecting air quality. 16. China: High levels of smog and industrial emissions impacting health.

9: 17. South Africa: Mining activities polluting air and water. 18. Russia: Industrial pollution affecting air quality in cities.