1: Dive into the world of Mediterranean cuisine with these quick and easy food crafts for kids!

2: Create tasty hummus and cucumber roll-ups for a healthy snack that's perfect for little hands.

3: Introduce your kids to the flavors of Greece with mini Greek salad skewers they can assemble themselves.

4: Whip up delicious tzatziki dip together and pair it with homemade pita chips for a fun and interactive snack.

5: Get creative with Mediterranean fruit kebabs, a colorful and refreshing treat that's simple to make.

6: Encourage your little chefs to try their hand at making homemade falafel balls for a fun cooking project.

7: Explore the flavors of Italy with mini caprese skewers featuring fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and basil.

8: Let your kids get messy with DIY pizza bites, using pita bread as the base and their favorite Mediterranean toppings.

9: End the day with a sweet treat by making simple baklava rolls together, a delicious dessert to enjoy as a family.