1: Struggling to stick to your resolutions? Avoid these 7 US cities known for derailing goals.

2: From temptations in Los Angeles to distractions in Las Vegas, these cities can make resolutions tough.

3: New York City's fast pace and endless options can make it a challenging place to maintain resolutions.

4: Denver's craft beer culture and outdoor adventures can hinder your progress towards your goals.

5: In Chicago, deep-dish pizza and vibrant nightlife might make it difficult to stay on track.

6: Atlanta's Southern hospitality and delicious food could lead to resolutions going off course.

7: Miami's sunny beaches and lively nightlife can be tempting, making resolutions harder to keep.

8: Houston's diverse dining scene and bustling energy may make it tough to maintain your resolutions.

9: Dallas' BBQ joints and thriving music scene can be obstacles in achieving your New Year goals.