1: Try a spicy tuna salad with jalapenos and avocado for a kick of flavor.

2: Upgrade your tuna sandwich with crunchy apples and walnuts for added texture.

3: Mix in some Greek yogurt and dill for a creamy and refreshing twist on a classic.

4: Go Mediterranean with olives, artichokes, and feta cheese in your tuna salad.

5: Add some curry powder and raisins for a sweet and savory tuna salad combo.

6: Give your tuna salad a Tex-Mex twist with corn, black beans, and salsa.

7: Try a tropical twist with pineapple chunks and coconut flakes in your tuna salad.

8: Mix in some cranberries, almonds, and a dash of cinnamon for a fall-inspired tuna salad.

9: Get creative with your tuna salad by adding in roasted red peppers and capers for a burst of flavor.