1: Explore the vibrant flavors of Mediterranean cuisine with these fun food crafts for kids!

2: Delight your little ones with colorful fruit kabobs and homemade tzatziki sauce.

3: Get creative with mini pitas and build-your-own hummus cups for a hands-on snack experience.

4: Learn how to make simple but delicious Greek salad skewers for a healthy and tasty treat.

5: Try your hand at making traditional Turkish borek rolls with flaky pastry and savory fillings.

6: Introduce your children to the art of making baklava, a sweet and nutty dessert from Greece.

7: Create a DIY Mediterranean pizza station with various toppings and flavors for a fun mealtime activity.

8: Teach your kids how to assemble a refreshing Greek yogurt parfait with fresh berries and honey.

9: Finish off your culinary adventure with a hands-on lesson on making homemade falafel balls for a tasty dinner option.