1: Silicon Valley, USA - Known as the tech hub of the world, Silicon Valley offers endless opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups to thrive.

2: London, UK - With its diverse talent pool and strong ecosystem, London is a top choice for startups looking to expand globally.

3: Singapore - Singapore's business-friendly policies and strategic location make it a prime destination for startups in Asia.

4: Tel Aviv, Israel - Dubbed as the "Startup Nation," Tel Aviv is a hotspot for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Middle East.

5: Berlin, Germany - Vibrant and creative, Berlin's startup scene is booming with access to funding and support for new businesses.

6: Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo's advanced technology and infrastructure make it an ideal city for startups seeking to disrupt industries.

7: Toronto, Canada - With its diverse talent pool and supportive government programs, Toronto is a top choice for startups in North America.

8: Bangalore, India - Known as the "Silicon Valley of India," Bangalore offers a dynamic ecosystem for startups to thrive and grow.

9: Sydney, Australia - Sydney's booming economy and access to global markets make it a top choice for startups looking to scale internationally.