1: Enjoy a delicious and healthful tuna salad sandwich for breakfast. Packed with protein and omega-3s, it's perfect for active girls.

2: Choose whole grain bread for added fiber and nutrients. It will keep you full and energized throughout the morning.

3: Mix tuna with Greek yogurt instead of mayo for a lighter option. Add fresh veggies like celery and bell peppers for crunch.

4: Season your tuna salad with herbs and spices for flavor without added calories. Try dill, parsley, or paprika for a tasty twist.

5: Opt for low-sodium or no-salt-added tuna to reduce excess sodium in your diet. Your heart will thank you for the healthy choice.

6: Spread avocado on your bread for a creamy alternative to mayo. It's rich in healthy fats and adds a delicious flavor to your sandwich.

7: Add a slice of tomato or a handful of fresh spinach for extra nutrients. These toppings will boost the vitamin and mineral content of your meal.

8: Enjoy your tuna salad sandwich with a side of fresh fruit or a small salad. It's a balanced breakfast that will fuel your day.

9: Experiment with different ingredients and flavors to create your perfect tuna salad sandwich. Get creative and discover new delicious combinations.