1: "1. Romantic Updo" Elegant and timeless, this updo is perfect for any wedding.

2: "2. Boho Braids" Effortlessly chic, these braids are ideal for a bohemian vibe.

3: "3. Sleek Ponytail" A modern twist on a classic look, the sleek ponytail is sleek and stylish.

4: "4. Half-Up Half-Down" Combining the best of both worlds, this hairstyle is versatile and flattering.

5: "5. Vintage Waves" Channel old Hollywood glamour with these romantic waves.

6: "Tutorials" Step-by-step instructions to achieve these stunning wedding guest hairstyles.

7: "Accessories" Elevate your look with hair accessories that complement your chosen hairstyle.

8: "Expert Tips" Expert advice on how to maintain your hairstyle throughout the wedding day.

9: "Final Touches" Simple tips to ensure your wedding guest hairstyle looks flawless until the last dance.