1: Indulge in Mediterranean flavors with this easy pasta dish packed with magnesium-rich spinach and vitamin B12 from shrimp.

2: Try a zesty lemon and herb pasta with chickpeas for a nutritious Mediterranean meal that's quick to make on busy nights.

3: Savor a satisfying whole grain pasta primavera with artichokes and olives, full of magnesium and vitamin B12 for energy.

4: Enjoy a creamy feta and sun-dried tomato pasta for a taste of the Mediterranean diet's magnesium and vitamin B12 benefits.

5: Whip up a flavorful Mediterranean lentil and vegetable pasta for a magnesium and vitamin B12 boost on hectic weeknights.

6: Create a Mediterranean tuna and olive pasta for a quick dinner rich in magnesium and vitamin B12 to fuel busy evenings.

7: Treat yourself to a delicious Mediterranean roasted vegetable and pesto pasta, loaded with magnesium and vitamin B12 goodness.

8: Delight in a Mediterranean chicken and artichoke pasta for a protein-packed meal with magnesium and vitamin B12 for vitality.

9: Relish a Mediterranean seafood pasta made with fresh clams and tomatoes, offering magnesium and vitamin B12 for a nourishing dinner.