1: Naruto - The story of a young ninja seeking to become the strongest in the village.

2: Bleach - Follow Ichigo as he battles evil spirits and saves the world.

3: Deadman Wonderland - Ganta must survive a deadly prison while uncovering the truth.

4: Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki's struggle as a half-ghoul in a world filled with danger.

5: D. Gray-man - Allen Walker fights to save the world from dark forces.

6: Claymore - Clare battles Yoma monsters while seeking revenge for her fallen comrades.

7: Blue Exorcist - Rin Okumura searches for his true identity in a world of demons.

8: Gangsta - Nicolas and Worick navigate a dangerous city filled with crime and corruption.

9: Noragami - Yato aims to become a renowned god while helping those in need.